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New Customer Portal App

Posted on 1/28/2014 by Jonas Vachal in Help Desk Client Why Vertex Customer Service

One of the key frustrations of managing Information Technology is keeping up to date on service issues. Service tickets can take many different paths. Some may be resolved in minutes, while others may take weeks and involve review and further planning. At Vertex we think you should be able to track your own service tickets without drowning in technical detail. And you should be able to do this without having to remember account names, passwords, and portal web addresses. All of that is our job. So we have designed our very own Customer Portal App.

Benefits of our Customer Portal App:

  • Track specific service tickets
  • View all open tickets for your company
  • View all completed tickets for the company

With Just Three Clicks…

Each ticket has a timeline to give you an instant feel for the progress of the ticket and detail below. You can also add notes to a ticket that the engineer working on it will see.

Logging new service tickets

At Vertex we want to make logging service tickets as easy as possible, so we provide you with a really simple way to do this. With just three clicks from your computer desktop you can quickly create a service ticket without needing to log in to anything.

Invoice Analysis

At Vertex we think it should be easy for you to review the money you are spending on IT. With three clicks from your desktop you can get to this screen and easily find and print IT invoices. You can also easily tag an invoice for discussion if you want to review.

Learning More

Learning more about the software applications you use can be a great way to save you time when working with them. With three clicks from your computer desktop you can access a large library free training, and we can even arrange to include customized training such as for your line of business application.


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