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Making The Impossible… Possible


A bit about each of us. Including our responses to a few random questions…


Jonas Vachal - President & CEO

Jonas is our visionary.  He helps our partners imagine the possibilities of where they can go – given the best technology.

Jonas eats, sleeps and lives the technology industry – he is riveted by its impact on our daily lives. Jonas develops the solutions and support structure that our partners leverage to positively impact their bottom line. Jonas supports numerous non-profit organizations and is very active in our local community

Who are you? I don’t claim to be Batman. However, nobody has ever seen me and Batman in the same room. When do you lose track of time? When I'm on the golf course.
What makes you belly laugh? Sterling Archer
Who? Colonel Mustard
What? Cheese
Why? Because I Can!
When? April 8th



Jeff Walters - Director of Operations

Jeff is our “operating efficiently and productively” man. He helps our partners to do the same.

With over twenty years of business management experience in public, private and non-profit organizations, Jeff is uniquely positioned to offer our clients strategic direction in making technology not only work, but work for their business. Jeff is currently a member of the Billings Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

Who are you? Master of My Own Destiny
When do you lose track of time? Working in my art studio.
What makes you belly laugh? The ridiculousness of everyday life.
Who? That one guy that did that stuff over by where they used to do that other thing before they stopped.
What? That stuff.
Why? Because I said so.
When? All the time. Over and over and over. But a little differently each time.






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