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A true partnership, we take ownership over all IT management so you are free to dream big.
The features below are customized to perfectly suit your business.

Why Chose Vertex Consulting Group?


Vertex Consulting Group provides IT support throughout Montana inculding Billings, Bozeman, Helena and Great Falls. With a highly talented team of experts providing on-site IT support, we’re there when you need us. We provide the level of attention your business deserves, ensuring your productivity and profitability. We highly value the long-term relationships with our clients and commit to working closely with your business to ensure you have all the technology resources you need to be successful.

Full CIO Services

The role of a CIO is to set and lead the technology strategy for an organization

True, Unlimited, 24/7 Support

Our engineers are in the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t have an hourly rate and the term ‘out of scope’ isn’t in our vocabulary.

$100,000 Cyber Breach Guarantee

Not just words, we back up our promises with a financial guarantee

Multi-Layer Security

Dark web monitoring, AI-driven antivirus/antimalware, firewall, intrusion detection, web filtering and more

Detailed Backup Strategy

Onsite and offsite backup, disaster recovery planning and annual testing

Lifetime Network Hardware

Never buy a firewall, switch, access point or battery backup again

Security Training

We include staff security training, annual security assessments, phishing testing and internal IT policies

World Class Website Hosting

Domain registration and SEO optimized website hosting  on our secure and super-fast servers

Peace Of Mind Included

Complete goal alignment – we lose money when you do.  Staff can’t work?  System down?  That’s expensive to both us and our clients.  Our motivation is to keep you moving forward.  Our holistic approach to business technology ensures top to bottom security, compliance and peace of mind.  You can sleep well having evidence that backups have been tested, your systems are clean and our team is watching your back 24 hours a day.

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What People Are Saying

The service with Vertex has been remarkable.  They are prompt to respond to our requests and often problems are fixed so quickly, it’s like they never happened.  They have been a great resource to us when dealing with our other IT companies – telephone and internet – as well. Very pleased with our relationship with Vertex.

Dr. Edie B.


Before our Vertex partnership we tried several different options to manage our various systems and spent far too much money and time with non-functioning equipment and our Club professionals “working for” the infrastructure instead of being more efficient because of it. I know this sounds cliché, but since joining Vertex in 2012, they have helped us transform our technology infrastructure and the way we serve those who need us most. Not only does their team meet our service needs when we need them but they have worked side by side with us to keep our systems up to date and find us the most cost effective options for our technology needs.

Brian D.

Executive Director

Believe it or not, hotels are pretty complex, technological beasts. Our little building utilizes several cloud networks hosted all over the planet. Even our telephones are little cloud units – and in addition, we use several local networks to run our hotel, boutique and restaurants. On top of all that we piled over 50 work stations, point of sale terminals, printers, display monitors and even computers to control our building systems.

How do we keep it running? With one phone call to our Vertex dudes. No muss, no fuss, no problem!

Mike N.

General Manager

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