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Lifetime Network Hardware

Never buy a firewall, switch, accesspoint or battery backup again

One of the most largest and most unexpected technology expenses is network hardware.  Firewalls, switches, access points, battery backup and power conditioners are high-cost items with an unpredictable failure cycle.  A switch might last 3 years in one cycle and 10 in the next.

This is frustrating for you as it’s nearly impossible to budget for, and frustrating for us as your IT team because we don’t like unpredictable failures.

Thus, we’ve invented the “Lifetime Network Hardware” solution.  In the proposal, we’ll provide a one-time purchase cost of new enterprise-class network hardware.  This includes firewall, switches, access points, battery backup and power conditioners.  For as long as you’re a client, we’ll pay for and replace this equipment at no cost to you as it’s needed.  This allows us to ensure consistency, reliability, part availability, rapid troubleshooting and deep knowledge of capabilities.

This isn’t a loan, rental or a lease.  You own this network hardware and we’ll happily turn over full control to you or someone you designate if you need us to.  Just another unique way Genuine Technology Group can provide you with simple, secure, support.

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